You have questions.
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How can you use the GENiUX Token?
What types of projects can an investor find on our platform?
On what network can we find the token?
What are Genius Pools?
What wallet address do I have on the Genius Assets platform?
Why the price of the token dropped to 0.09$ in the Pre-Sale Phase?
Do you have any updates/ future lines of the project?
What is your BIG vision for your project?
What is your MAIN mission?
Do you have any partners in your business case?
What is your business case?
Are you hiring? If so, what are the hiring conditions? Is there any possibility of being part of your team?
What is the use case of the GeniuX tokens?
How many Geniux tokens are in circulation?
Are there any Geniux tokens locked and/or vested?
Where can I find you other than the website and working platform?
Who is your competition and how are you different from them?
What is the blockchain technology you will use for your tokens?
Where do we find the official roadmap for the project?
Do you have experience in developing your project as per the Whitepaper?
When can we use the Geniux tokens for the purpose they were minted?
What about the Founders, Core Team, and Advisors? Where can we see them?
Do they have past experience in the sector you will launch the project, what about the crypto-space experience?
Are any team members revealing a video or a short description of their background?
Why should we choose Genius Assets?
Why do you think the Genius platform will outperform any other similar platform?
Do you intend to create your own blog and/or academy?
How do I keep up with the current development of the platform?
Does Genius-Assets have a help center (in-house support)?
Staking will be available for the IUX token. If yes, where and when it will be launched?
Do you still have questions