Genius Business Model.

Using the ICO, Genius Assets raised money in order to create Genius Pools for our Marketplace and for the platform development and for the benefit of our users.
Also, by raising our capital we will be able to make the management payments that our company needs. Taking into account that registering or hiring a notary for investments, is a common practice, blockchain does not involve major challenges regarding this. Currently, the business model is based on B2C, but in 2023 we will integrate B2B, where businesses can onboard themselves on our platform, for different projects.
Our enchanted vision is that Empowered Investors use Genius Assets Marketplace, a blockchain-based platform for liquidity mining that helps them invest in a wide range of non-crypto opportunities and can be used for generating passive rewards in the IUX native token.
The world is changing, and crypto investors are searching for more opportunities to diversify their portfolios.
And so, we’ve made it our mission to help these investors generate a lucrative passive income – supported by our forthcoming ecosystem where the GeniuX token can be leveraged to use in different projects, in our marketplace.
TRVL - Total Real Value Locked

Total value locked (TVL) can be crypto locked up in a smart contract for any project, in a liquidity pool for lending or staked in a blockchain node for mining crypto that uses a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus method. On the other hand, Total Real Value Locked means that in a specific Liquidity Pool can be found the REAL value, not just estimated value, of that specific real world asset.

RLNFTs - Real Life NFTs For real soon.

Get your stake of our real-life assets & access membership, discounts and cards to the GENIUS-verse.

TAPR - Targeted Annual Percentage Rate

TAPR allows you to choose your interest to reach a specific APR. You have the power to choose your APR, which is not flexible or fixed, but targeted. Meaning that you are the owner of your APR for a specific period of time.

RWAs- Real-World Assets

The concept may be applied to revenue streams or cash flows as well as physical assets, as RWAs are essentially tangible assets that can be tokenized and represented on-chain.

Delegated Locking

Delegated locking is a new concept for generating more yield for token holders by using specific liquidity pools for more utility purposes.

For more details regarding the steps of the Project and who made it all happen, check our Roadmap and Team